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The Apply Now application is an online employment referral module. The application provides detailed employer listings by user-defined areas (states, regions, etc.) and also allows for optional employer advertising by area, even if the employer is not listed in that region.

Visitors use a graphical or drop-down menu interface (user defined) to view the area of their choice and can apply to all employers in that area, if desired, using the built-in employment application. If the visitor clicks on a specific employer listed in that area, they see a detailed description along with web and email contact links (user defined) for that employer. The visitor also has the option to apply only to the selected employer as well.

The administrative panel for Apply Now includes a user-friendly “employer manager” with built in upload utilities for graphics and cut and paste support for text. Applicant data is posted to the online database where it can be searched, resent, exported to spreadsheet or printed.

The Apply Now application is perfect for online employee referral or employer advertising sites.