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Total User Control allows IBS to build any type of site from small business or non-profit sites to huge corporate Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites featuring multiple applications. Below are links to some of our customer's sites along with a brief description including some of the special features the site may contain.

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ReefEnvironmental required a new, professional web site that included a custom application for customers and multiple administrators to enter specific load information for waste materials. This application was extremely complex and required a customer registration area, a customer login area, load forms, waste profiles and the ability to export all data. The site also uses the new Contact Us application. Reef Enviro Web Site
After redesigning the Scholars site, the JL Bedsole Foundation contracted IBS to create a new Alumni site for their former scholars using a similar design. The main feature of the site is the Alumni Central application, which allows alumni to update their data and current scholars to request an alumni as a mentor. The site also includes the Tell A Friend, Newsletter, Announcements, FAQ and Easy Blogger applications. JL Bedsole Alumni Site
When they needed to take their Scholars Selection process online, the JL Bedsole Foundation again called on IBS. The selection application allows  for prospective scholars to fill out their entire application online, over extended periods, and then performs intricate calculations to rank all applicants based on their responses and the requirements of the foundation (Read their New Testimonial). They then had IBS perform a full site redesign and added the Newsletter and Easy Blogger applications. JL Bedsole FoundationSite
When BusiDate needed a custom Online Dating application and a dynamic web site that would allow for easy content management and updates, they turned to Internet Business Solutions for their design. The dating application is very complex and allows for multiple options to fit their dating niche. The site includes e-Commerce capabilities as well as the Mailing List, Tell A Freind, FAQ, Useful Links and Online Chat applications. Visit the Busidate Online Dating Application Site

KnowTheCommunity.com is a site that features that features "all the information you would want to know" about a community. The first site concentrates on Montgomery, Alabama. The company originally advertised with a magazine only and wanted to take their publication online. Along with the dynamic site design, IBS created a custom Online Business Locator and included the FAQ, Useful Links and Easy Blogger applications as well.

Know The Community Dynamic Website
Beach Rentals Express wanted to capture a niche in a very competitive online market. The heart of the Beach Rentals Express site is the custom Rental Property Search application. This application allows for so many administrative options that one person can easily maintain worldwide property listings with point and click ease. The site also includes the FAQ and Contact Us database-driven web applications. Beach Rentals Express Property Search Site

The Coppersmith is a "brick & mortar" copper manufacturing company based in Mobile Alabama. When they wanted to take their products online nationwide, they called on IBS. This site includes a custom Online Catalog application as well as the Image Gallery, Image Rotator and Contact Us web applications. The Coppersmith also opted for a full Site and Search Engine Optimization package.

The Coppersmith Database-driven Web Site Design
The Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corporation needed a complete overhaul of their headquarters web site. Their site was static and generated no leads. Now, it is dynamic and generates many leads every day. IBS has since created a company Intranet and Extranet and has redone almost all of their international sites as well. Their many web-enabled applications include the Form BuilderDocument Library, Press Releases, Job Opportunities, FAQ, Calendar and  more. Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp Headquarters Site
The Alabama School of Sleep Medicine and Technology is a subsidiary of MedSouth, Inc. When the school needed a dynamic online training application, they turned to IBS to solve their business need. Besides housing the custom training application, this site also includes the Announcements, Form Builder, and Document Library applications as well as a full Customer Extranet. Visit the Alabama School of Sleep Medicine and Technology Total User Control Web Site
Applied Pharmacy Services (APS) is an independent compounding pharmacy company. APS wanted to sell supplements online and so we added the Shopping Cart application. This company also wanted a custom application whereby doctors could enter prescriptions online. The application features a front-end login with password as well as an electronic signature known only to each doctor. In addition, a confirmation email is automatically sent and confirmed with the doctor. Applied Pharmacy Services Web Site
Mainstage is a large theatrical supplier with offices in Milwaukee, Pensacola, and Memphis. Mainstage needed the ability to control the content management of their website for all locations. The company also needed a Corporate Intranet that IBS designed as well. Mainstage wanted a full complement of dynamic web applications and the sites include the Announcements, Purchase Center, Useful Links, Form Builder and a customized Project Tracking application to synchronize project information amongst all offices. Read their Testimonial Mainstage Theatrical Supply Web Site
The Thrall Independent School District wanted a Web presence that they could control for the entire system including a front-end Web site to diseminate information to the public and an internal Intranet for the school system. This site, including the Intranet, features numerous applications including multiple Calendars for scheduling and sporting events as well as the Image Rotator, Document Library and multiple Directories. Thrall Independent School District Web Site
When The J.L. Bedsole Scholar's Program needed an online presence, they chose IBS and Total User Control. This Web Site is an excellent example of a non-profit, online communications center for members and staff. The site features automated announcements and other interactive tools. Read their Testimonial Read their Testimonial
This site was designed for an online trucker employment company. The site features a lot of advertising using automated banners and tiles, interactive communications, and multiple online employment applications with full database screening and filtering abilities. All Trucking Jobs also purchased the full suite of search engine optimization services. Search Engine Optimized Site: All Trucking Jobs
The John  Toomey & Company web site was designed for a commercial real estate company in Mobile, Alabama. To compete in today's market, companies require dynamic, interactive designs. This site features an interactive database look-up for available commercial property in each of the given areas. Online Realty Database Application: John Toomey Company
Forkland Springs Farm is a supplier of domestic, farm-raised catfish and pacific white shrimp. Forkland started with a simple web site that offered information on their services. They are now expanding and want IBS to include online forms and search engine optimization services. Forkland Web Site by Internet Business Solutions
Total User Control is ideal for advertising and travel agencies. This travel agency site in Saratoga, New York is fully dynamic and updated each day by the travel agents. New tours can be added instantly with interactive sign-up forms. This site is maintained and updated solely by the client.  Read their Testimonial Read their Testimonial
This site was built for a realty company in Gulf Shores, Alabama using the realty Listings application. It features a customized five page design, integrated database to store listing content, pictures, virtual tours and the Easy eListing control panel. This site is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with Total User Control applications. webRealtor Dynmaic Real Estate Listings: Ono Baldwin Realty
This is the web presence for an online training company in New York. The site is also a gateway to the client only Intranet which features the database-driven online training application. The Intranet is integrated with the training application to provide fully interactive training and communications. Read their Testimonial

Read their Testimonial




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