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The Classified Ads application can be deployed on both web sites and Intranets, allowing web users to view items for purchase as well as post items of their own. The application presents a listing of items for sale with images in an easily readable format that is searchable by category and title. Items and pictures can be added and edited by both the web top user or by the administrator. Images, descriptions and other information are added quickly and easily and allows for a JPEG or GIF of any size to be uploaded to the server.

Each ad displays the title, description, price, contact person, image, and has a link to email the contact. The images are thumbnail views of the actual images and when clicked open a pop up window that displays the image full size. If no image is loaded, a default image is displayed. Ads are taken out of rotation automatically at the end of their run time.

Database-Driven Web Application - Classified Ads