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In almost all user surveys, Frequently Asked Questions are high on the list of desired Web site help features. However, when the FAQ becomes a long scrolling page of non-searchable questions and answers its usefulness becomes limited.

The FAQ application presents a list of frequently asked questions as hyper links that, when clicked, provide the answer for the question. The questions can be searched by keyword or can be sorted by category to facilitate ease of use. If the user cannot find an answer, they can send their question to the administrator. Administrators can add unlimited questions and answers and assign all FAQs to a specified category. Categories can be selected from the drop down box or added as needed. Previously entered questions can be edited or deleted quickly and easily and sorted by id, question, or category.

Frequently Asked Questions is a must have for today's dynamic business sites and can also be used on a company Intranet to create and distribute an internal knowledge base.

Dynamic Database-Driven Web Application: FAQ

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