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The Form Builder application allows non-technical users to create complex HTML forms including a database back-end with no programming skills or experience. This advanced application allows for unlimited forms that include single line text boxes, scrolling text boxes, drop down menus, radio buttons and check boxes to be built quickly and easily.

The Form Builder also includes built in validation routines (field required, numeric only, etc.) and support for styles allowing anyone to build JavaScript and CSS enabled forms with little or no experience. Form Builder also allows for text lines or spaces to be placed within forms and styles can be easily applied to all text and fields. The web visitor selects from the forms available and then fills in the necessary information for that form. Upon form submittal, the data is posted to the online database and emailed to user-defined recipients.

This application is very robust and yet very user-friendly. Non-technical users can quickly set-up large and complex forms anywhere on a site simply by choosing options and filling in the blanks.

Build Dynamic Forms on any Web Site with Form Builder

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