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The Forums application provides a bulletin board where users can post messages and replies to a forum that is set up by administration. Under each forum, the discussion or topic can have a limitless number of posts and replies. Web users register themselves on their first visit and then use a unique username and password to post topics or replies. Web users can create new topics under any given forum, but only administrators can create new forums. Topics are closed by the topic moderator or administrator. Once a topic is closed, no more posts are accepted for that topic. Any user can reply to any post. When registering, the user fills out a form listing their username and other contact information and these profiles are immediately viewable by other users.

Besides various web site uses, the Forums application is perfect for building an internal employee knowledge base on a company Intranet. For example, customer support personnel can submit and answer questions about day-to-day experiences. Over time, new employees can be referred to and/or browse this knowledge base by category to answer their questions and see how others have handled certain customer care issues.

Dynamic Web Application: Forums