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The Image Gallery application allows thumbnail pictures with titles to be presented in an organized format. The gallery can be used for a variety of reasons. Whether it is used within a company Intranet to show pictures from the company picnic, used by marketing as a resource for finding corporate logos or used within a company’s web site to allow customers to see pictures of an on-going project or as a catalog, this is an extremely functional application. Ten images per page are shown in two rows of five. Page scrolling is available when necessary and each image is hyper linked to a window showing a full size view of the image as well as its title and description. The entire gallery is searchable by pre-defined keywords or by category. Administration is simple, allowing any image to be uploaded into the image gallery quickly and easily and removed with the touch of a button.

The Image Gallery is very useful as an online catalog, as seen in the example below.

Database-Driven Web Application: Image Gallery