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How Total User Control Works

Total User Control is built around a browser-based Web development platform that allows clients to easily manage their own content on the Internet.

Regardless of whether you are designing for the Internet, an Intranet or Extranet, there are four basic elements to every web site: Look and Feel, Architecture, Functionality and Content. Normally, these four elements must be handled separately. Even in development firms and certainly in most small to medium sized businesses, one or more of these elements has to be outsourced.

The greatest advantage of Total User Control is that all four elements can now be addressed in one easy to use platform that includes powerful tools for everyone from the novice user to the advanced programmer.

Look And Feel

  • Both technical and non-technical personnel can alter look and feel
  • Pre-programmed templates
  • Template source code is provided for modification
  • Custom designs can be imported from any design software


  • Anyone can update page links with the click of a mouse
  • Updates do not affect the site navigation system
  • Create new pages and complicated site navigation in minutes
  • All changes are automatically updated to the site database for site searches, site maps, etc.
  • No more orphaned links or "page not found" errors


  • Integrate web-enabled applications with any Total User Control site
  • Use applications as-is or modify them with the provided source code
  • Custom applications can be created and integrated to meet specific needs
  • All applications are dynamic, database-driven and web-ready


  • Anyone can easily add, edit and delete content with Total User Control
  • Easily import, cut, copy and paste content from other applications
  • Create and edit content directly using the built in WYSIWYG editor
  • Built in FTP upload wizards for each content category
  • Manage all site content including graphics, application data and multi-media
  • Import graphics and add to pages using drag and drop functionality.
  • Cut and paste pre-existing web pages including all graphics and page links

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How TUC Works