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The J. L. Bedsole Foundation Chooses IBS and Total User Control

"We found exactly what we were looking for, the ability to administer the site ourselves once the initial development was completed." (Visit Site Below)


Dr. Stephen F. Dill, Director
Mr. Scott A Morton, Assistant Director

Mrs. Wendy Horne, Secretary                                    


Richard Courtney

Internet Business Solutions, Inc.

P.O. Box 851807

Mobile, AL 36685-1807




I just wanted to take a moment and praise you and your company for your help in developing the website for The J.L. Bedsole Foundation. Our struggle to develop a website has been a long one, dating back to 1999 when The Foundation committee first began debating whether or not to have an internet presence.


It was decided this summer that the time was right for a website, and I was asked to move forward with the process. I began contacting a host of web design companies in Mobile. Doing so, I happened across Internet Business Solutions. I was immediately sold on the idea of the company’s belief in Total User Control. You showed me a demonstration of how the Total User Control software works, and you took the time to explain it in a way that I was able to understand quickly. What’s more, you made sure I comprehended what you were explaining—this was more than any other web design company had done, and I was deeply impressed.


We found exactly what we were looking for, the ability to administer the site ourselves once the initial development was completed. The J.L. Bedsole Scholars Program is a nonprofit organization geared to providing eligible students money for college, and we do not have the budget to commission site changes every time an update is needed. We were also pleased to know that the cost was within our expenditure range.


As far as the development of the site goes, we were expecting a long, drawn-out affair. Imagine how pleased we were to learn that your team had a workable site up over the weekend, and within a week and a half, it was completed. Now granted our site was not a complicated or lengthy one to build, it was still refreshing to see it done so quickly and professionally. And I really want to compliment you on the training session I received recently. It was extremely helpful. You stayed with me for as long as I needed, and by the end of the session, I was able to perform most of the functions needed to administer our site. The printout material and CD you gave me have been a godsend, as it has proven to be valuable reference material. One must understand that I am a completely novice web administrator, never having done this before. Every bit of help I have received during this process has been most appreciated, and you have made yourself readily available.


Anyway, I just wanted to conclude by thanking you and your staff for your help in this matter. You have allowed us to achieve our goals, and we thank you. Our site is up, and I have posted new material to it several times now. Our Bedsole Scholars have been made aware of the URL, and they are sending us compliments almost daily.


Thank you, and have a great day!




Scott Morton

Assistant Director

The J.L. Bedsole Scholars Program



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