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Bedsole Foundation chooses IBS to Web Enable their Selection Application

"The online application you developed for The J.L. Bedsole Scholars Program has met and even exceeded our highest expectations."



Post Office Box 1137

Mobile, Alabama 36633

(251) 432-3369 * Fax (251) 432-1134

www.jlbedsolefoundation.org; info@jlbedsolefoundation.org


Dr. Stephen F. Dill, Director

Mr. Scott A. Morton, Director

Ms. Patty Patton, Secretary                                                                  


Selection Committee:

Ms. Sarah Long Damson, Chairman

Ms. Barbara Drummond, Member

Mr. John Barnett, III, Member

Mr. James G. DeWitt, Member

Mr. John M. Turner, Jr., Member


March 28, 2007


Rich Courtney

Internet Business Solutions, Inc.


Dear Rich:


I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on a job well done. The online application you developed for The J.L. Bedsole Scholars Program has met and even exceeded our highest expectations. You not only designed an online application that met our needs, you also took it several steps further and enhanced it with many critical features and administrative abilities we didn't even count on initially. These bonus features include the automatic ranking and calculating of all data being entered, whereas before this was a complicated series of manual calculations done in Access and known to only one member of our small staff. The addition of enhanced administrative functions, including the ability to generate reports directly from the admin page as well as the easy-to-use exporting features have really made the entire application process learnable to the rest of us. I cannot stress how important that was to us!


The amount of time and manpower saved by the online application has been a godsend to us, and I really appreciate everything you have done. You are always there for us if we need you, and I was very impressed with your ability to look at our massively complicated database and replicate it from the top-down in regards to designing the online application. It is an extremely user friendly system, and I am confident that the design will also be appreciated by the students that apply for our scholarship!


The application went "live" on October 1, and I have to say it has so far been very successful. We ended up with almost 500 initial applicants, and we are interviewing the top 80 of those next month. The process has been extraordinarily simple, and we feel that it has allowed us a much greater degree of accuracy in selecting the most qualified scholarship recipients. Kudos to you and your team at Internet Business Solutions, and a personal thank you for all that you have done!



Scott A. Morton