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The Saratoga Circuit Boosts Sales with Total User Control

"We look to IBS as a critical part of how we do business"

To Whom It May Concern:

             Saratoga Circuit Travel and Tours is a full service travel agency. In light of the events of 911, like many tour providers we have seen travel reduced considerably. To survive it was (and continues to be) critical that we look for new ways to market our services. Our website has become a critical part of our overall plan.


            Prior to “Total User Control”, our website was very static. There were pages containing tours we no longer offered, we had moved our office and the old address was shown, and the overall ease of use by the viewer was not friendly. Any changes we wanted to make had to be done through our old Webmaster. This usually required at least a week and each change required a fee payment. We needed our site to be dynamic and able to respond to the market trends and we needed to use the money we spent on the Webmaster on other things.


            Internet Business Solutions provided us with exactly what we needed. Using their platform we can immediately add new tours, take down old tours, and otherwise take control of our own website. In addition, using the capability to create multiple intranets and the “plug-and-play” applications, we can offer large tour groups the special ability to provide a place for their group where they can post schedules, show a newsletter, assess needs, and otherwise communicate with their members. This is starting to “catch on” with some of our larger groups and we see this as a profit center for us in the future. Multiple members of our office have access to the platform and make changes to areas for which they are responsible. For example, one individual creates and changes a newsletter each month. If a new change in security for airports is announced, this can become part of the newsletter or a special notice immediately. We look to IBS as a critical part of how we do business going forward.




Gary J. Sparaco

Inbound Tour Manager